(PRESENTE) by Yatir Fernández

Inauguration of  Yatir Fernández’s exhibition held by the White Collective, a reflection on the relationship with the landscape, the discovery of one’s presence in space and the imprint in our memory.

The artist plays with the exhibition wall as a metaphor for his own existence, in which to signify the chance of those few moments that burst into the monotony of our existence, abruptly splashing the regularity of our biography. The presence is revealed in a random way over an absent, empty space. Landscapes shrouded by mist and night, reveal a diffuse atmosphere in which the boundaries between memories and dreams are blured.

The artist as amediator who gives us fleeting visions of a lived and remembered landscape. A present/presence registered by the camera and reconstructed in the space of the exhibition room to contemplate accompanied only by silence.

There is something subversive and clandestine in the White Collective gallery that makes it a privileged space for this type of work, something that remembers that small gallery in New York where Stieglitz and his friends offered a unique space where to show and promote the modern art.






2 thoughts on “(PRESENTE) by Yatir Fernández

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  1. Intriguing arrangement of the images in space . I am wondering which image went to what place – is there a relationship between place on the wall and context in the external landscape?


    1. Not sure Stefan. As a personal reading, I would say that the wall is representation of our life, scattered with the pictures as a representation of casual encounter with reality, those when one consciously feel as a vivid present. Reading that way, randomness is a plausible explanation.

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