Square Format

For some months now, I have been post-processing and cropping some of my pictures in 4: 3 format, instead of using the 3:2 format that a full-frame camera provides. The truth is that the original 2:3 format that comes out of the camera, although it works reasonably well when used in "landscape" mode, seems to... Continue Reading →


David Catá’s exhibition

“DÉJAME VOLAR” (Let me Fly) is the title of the work that  the multidisciplinary artist David Catá exposes in the Exhibition Room of Photography Sargadelos Vigo, and will be open until 3 March. The dandelion thistles are the leitmotif of the entire series, in which the photographer proposes an evocative reflection on time and memory;... Continue Reading →

Adrian Kinloch: Liminal Spaces

The concept of liminality was described by the French anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep (1873-1957) in his work "Les rites de passage", to describe - in a ritual process - that intermediate state that lies between the preliminary or previous state and the post-liminal or later phase. Due to this transience, it is a state characterized... Continue Reading →

John Thomson: Street Life in London

Between 1876 and 1877 the journalist Adolphe Smith (1846-1924) and the photographer John Thomson (1837-1921) published a series of eleven short articles in a monthly publication called "Street Life in London" that would later be published in book format. Each article consisted of a photograph and a text based on interviews with men and women... Continue Reading →

Fay Godwin (1931-2005)

Self-taught British photographer not very well known in Spain but who enjoys great recognition in the United Kingdom, mainly for her landscape photography in black and white. She began photography in the mid-60s, taking family snapshots, and later due to his relationship with the publishing world had the opportunity to photograph relevant writers: Philip Larkin,... Continue Reading →

Book review: Mastering Exposure

The first chapter of this book is dedicated to explaining some very basic aspects of the workflow of digital photography: file system and backup copies, configuration of Lightroom and some considerations for which it is advisable to use Photoshop instead of Lightroom as a tool for digital development. As an introduction to the zone system,... Continue Reading →

Photography and the city (II)

In this exercise, we are asked to choose 2 photographs where the social contrast is present in a simple image. I have searched the PhotoEspaña Esentials Collection which includes some of the most important Spanish classical authors in the field of documentary photography, I have also searched the portfolio of some contemporary photographers and new... Continue Reading →

Photography and the city (I)

When we think about Santiago de Compostella it is inevitable to focus our attention on the cathedral and the surrounding historical environment. Although it is difficult to reduce the complex life of an entire city to such exclusive perspective, this concentration of views in such a specific point of the city is the consequence of... Continue Reading →

Zone System in practice

During these weeks I have been studying the zone system devised by Ansel Adams, designed to allow the photographer to know in advance the limits within which he could move during the capture of the photograph, and to predict the result that they would obtain by means of a correct exposure the scene and the... Continue Reading →

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