Course reflection and evaluation

During the course "Identity and Place" I had started an intense process that led me to reflect on some issues closely related to my personal identity, and enrolling in "Landscape" raised serious doubts, as the preconceived idea of gender pushed me to consider the genre exclusively as an appropriate resource for an aesthetic discourse, away... Continue Reading →

Assignment 6: Cinemagraph version

Create with Adobe Premiere, it show the twelve pictures on a loop sequence: first forward and the backwards. I have disregarded music and left the protagonism to the rapidly evolving landscape. Although it has its value for experimental purposes, the result is very far from the sense of space and time that I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Assignment 6: Tutor feedback

Overall Comments Your submission for the ‘Transitions’ assignment has been thoroughly engaging, your contextual underpinning is very strong, coupled with a broad range of research that has supported your development. Producing a video piece has been successful, where the combination of images, voice audio and music has been adventurous. Further experimentation and perhaps testing of... Continue Reading →

Bleda y Rosa

Two of the greatest exponents of landscape photography are Bleda and Rosa (National Award of Photography 2008), whose works stand out for including elements related to memory and the identity of the place. His work is the result of a profound investigation, an investigation into the invisible traces that the past leaves in the territory.... Continue Reading →

Assignment 6: Transitions

Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) states in his "Dialectic of Nature" that "motion is the mode of existence of matter. Never anywhere has there been matter without motion, or motion without matter, nor can there be." Everything is in motion, there is no absolute stillness. Space is the frame of reference against which we verify the movement... Continue Reading →

Collaborative work

  Until now I had not had the opportunity to work in collaboration with other artists apart from using other means as mechanisms for the diffusion of my photographic projects. The music has sometimes served as a wrapping for some of my photographic series, and the composer has adapted to the proposed sequence, trying to... Continue Reading →

City Blues by Jorge Lens

When speaking of photographers and photography, there are glances that from a stain of colour are capable of transcending the banality of urban space, creating scenarios in which the lives of passers-by seem to be singular events or rescuing spaces from the unbearable sadness of abandonment to which they were condemned in the crazy race... Continue Reading →

David Favroad (notes)

Japanese photographer (Kobe, 1982) who currently lives and works in Switzerland and Spain. He has been the winner of the 2013 LensCulture Exposure Awards in Portfolio modality with his Hiraki series. He takes as a starting point in his projects the family memories and the experiences of his grandparents during World War II: elements like... Continue Reading →

Assignment 5 – Reworked

The Antela lagoon was an extension of shallow waters located in the Ourense region of La Limia, in the northwest of Spain, and was one of the largest wetlands of these characteristics that existed in the Iberian Peninsula. Its surface varied according to the hydrographic conditions of each season, reaching a maximum extension of 42... Continue Reading →

Landscape exhibition

The evolution of landscape photography is marked by some collective exhibitions that have exerted notable influence on generations of photographers. Among the most noticiable, "New Topographics" curated by William Jenkins in 1975, which represented a radical change in the concept of landscape photography and which involved photographers as Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Bernd and Hilla... Continue Reading →

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