Landscape exhibition

The evolution of landscape photography is marked by some collective exhibitions that have exerted notable influence on generations of photographers. Among the most noticiable, "New Topographics" curated by William Jenkins in 1975, which represented a radical change in the concept of landscape photography and which involved photographers as Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Bernd and Hilla... Continue Reading →


Elina Brotherus: the human perspective

“I remember when I started, when I was a young artist, and I did my first self-portraits. I remember been shocked because my image of what I looked like didn’t correspond of what I saw in the picture”. In this way the Finnish artist Elina Brotherus (n.1972) recounts, in an interview granted to the Museum... Continue Reading →

Assignment 5: Answer to the tutor

Regarding the structure of the book I felt that the repetitive schema of the double pages introduces a kind of stiffness in the book, only interrupt by the beginning of the section and the final panorama, so I introduce 3 pictures in pages 10 (nest of storks), page 50 (wood barrier) and 64 (TV in... Continue Reading →

Assignment 5: Tutor feedback

For this assignment, you have produced a creative and engaging series, which has resulted in a confident artefact. The personal approach through examining memory and evoking a universal story of love, place, loss and family, is beautiful. There are a few areas that would benefit from editing, such as the introduction and the removal of... Continue Reading →

Assignment 5 – Self-directed Project

The Antela lagoon was an extension of shallow waters located in the Ourense region of La Limia, in the northwest of Spain, and was one of the largest wetlands of these characteristics that existed in the Iberian Peninsula. Its surface varied according to the hydrographic conditions of each season, reaching a maximum extension of 42... Continue Reading →

Artist’s Statement

Since my intention is to present the assignment in the form of a book, the text that follows will be included as an introduction to the book, so that the reader will have some contextual information about the project. In the text I have not tried to include technical information about the project, but some... Continue Reading →

ANTELA from Limia’s Sketchbook

The video footage "ANTELA" has been designed as a teaser for my "Limia's Sketchbook" project, where I set out on a journey through the landscapes previously occupied by the former Antela Lagoon. The feelings of the inhabitants of the area are divided between nostalgia and economic interests, and from an external perspective it is difficult... Continue Reading →

Print-on-demand mock-up

I had already worked in previous courses with Blurb to create a magazine (The Art of Photography: Assignment 5) and a PhotoBook (Identity and Place: Assignment 4 - Viacrucis), so I am familiar with the use of BookWright for Windows book editing tool. This tool allows you to easily design the book format and try... Continue Reading →

Print quotes

Quotes for the production  of the "Invasions" project of assignment 1 for the portfolio review. The format of all the images is square and the maximum dimensions of the image could be 40 x 40 cm. However, to accommodate the images in a clamshell folder of size A3 (315 x 435mm) the maximum size of... Continue Reading →

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